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About Paveinai

A post-graduate (Sociology), a writer, Public speaking mentor on a mission to build a community of Daring transformers who speak from the soul to impact the world by owning their authentic voice in a world jammed with noises and endless information because it is your authenticity that helps you stand out in the crowd.

I Help Entrepreneurs, students, teachers, and mentors own their Voices, Build authentic connections, improve their brand voices, increase their revenue, and impact people’s lives using their voices while they Build Their Dreams.

A leading, bold, Impactful Public-Speaking mentor from India on a mission to build a community of Daring transformers who speak from the soul (not from their head) to impact the world by owning their voice.

Welcome home! Thank you for passing by, I am honored and blessed to have you here. I truly appreciate you and your time. You are here today for a reason.

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Paveinai's Blogs

How to Become an Effective Public Speaker

Public speaking is not limited to platform speaking, you are speaking even when you are not talking. Public speaking is not limited to entrepreneurs, coaches, influencers, etc. You can be an impactful...

How to Overcome Fear of public speaking

Welcome home. Thank you for stopping by. Some research studies have shown that 70- 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking. Some people are too scared of Public-Speaking that it is more...

How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You

Forgiveness is the ability to break your shackles of bitterness and resentment. It is the ability to toss out the yoke of guilt, shame, and blame. It is the gift you give yourself to be free...

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The Challenges of public Speaking

About the Event

Are your speeches the best? You may. But Public speaking is the best only when it matches your client’s needs and brings more customers. Let us work on this together.

Like every once in a while we need to upgrade a technology to match with the latest trend, so is it with speaking. It is important to study and understand the client’s needs and merge them with the latest speaking trend that’ll help attract more customers. Just like speaking at the top your lungs to instruct people is so 30-40 years ago.

Are you ready to own your voice and speak possibility into someone’s voice using your voice?

About the Course

Having mentored more than 1000+ zoom class in 10+ different countries in just 3 years, we understand the latest trends to pick the right topic for our seminars. We have partnered several experts who’ve readily agreed to contribute to this good cause of sharing knowledge with passionate professionals.

Join this seminar and get a chance to transform yourself.

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